Solar Powered Bike Lamps

Ties Carlier has designed the Moof bike, which replaces the LED lights with solar powered bike lamps. Most of us would give anything to ride excellent bikes for the sake of environment. However green riding a bike might be, if the experience is not enjoyable enough or if it proves to be a burden, most would avoid using bicycles whatever the environmental benefits might be.

The Moof tackles the issue of clunky and unsightly LED lamps and replaces them with two solar powered ones, which not only are safe and green, but also make the bike look rather chic. The seats are covered with expensive leather and high-grade aluminum frame of the bike make it look almost good enough to be showcased on a runway on in Milan or Paris. The Moof bike costs $500 and will soon be available in the market.

If you were looking for a little variety in the bikes you purchase, you could try checking out the Yahoo Flickr Bikes. If you want to go the non solar-power way, you could still choose to stay bright with the Night Bike we have featured earlier. Now with a bike in hand, why not try the Robot Bike Parking to lessen your tedium after peddling across the town! Biking is not only green and environmental friendly, it also keeps you fit and healthy.

Via: Inhabitat