Star Wars Darth Vader Gas Mask is more than Morbid

I am not sure if Darth Vader would even wear this Gas Mask design!

As a Star Wars fan I must admit that this Darth Vader gas mask looks more than appealing, if only as a collectible and not for actual use, but you must be sure it would be tried on. His regular outfit looks freaky enough if walking by children, so an actual gas mask of the great Sith lord would definitely give some kid trauma.

Darth Vader always looks powerful in the all black outfit, so it is great to see additional versions of this powerful character. Other times, we even seen it a lot friendlier gadgets, such as in the Darth Vader Bobble Head or even a Vader Toast Imprint, but the gas mask one is not smiling whatsoever.

Via: SlipperyBrick