INQ 1 Social Network Cellphone

The INQ 1 by Amoi is a great social networking cellphone with the great usability to always be updated with the different friends and also be able to communicate by a number of regularly used net features.

As most of us (if not all) are Facebook users, the INQ 1 cellphone is built to be used with various Social Networks. This is to allow easy access to your profile, ability to update status, poke a friend, listen to your account, and much more. This cellphone is directed at younger users, therefor its productivity is aimed for the fun factor and not business use. Thanks to its ‘push’ technology, the INQ 1 allows for syncing of accounts with your mobile phone, so all your contacts are updated and actually useful. Moreover, it integrates all your emails, sms, chats and messages and more into one combined Inbox, as to save you time and always be accessible if you so wish.

Great features included within the phone is the ultimate messaging and web platform to use Skype phone, Instant Messaging services, browse your Internet Favorites and different social profiles instantly. In addition, it has a 3.2 Megapixel camera, so it is even easier to send photos to your friends and change you Facebook Profile Picture and social network pictures.

The 3G Internet Browsing capability on the INQ 1 cellular will come as a snap for those familiar with Symbian S60 OS or Access NetFront, and you will also be able to customize your home page with various Yahoo Widgets for additional personality.

As mentioned before, since it has a great communication with your different social networks, you will be able to listen to your account for new and exciting music, as well as the preferred music you placed on the phone.

Lastly, the INQ 1 mobile phone is simply practical. Its battery life holds for approximately 5 hour talk time with 329 standby hours, extremely light at 110 grams, conveniently measured at 97x47x14mm, includes a 1GB card storage, and a beautiful 2.2″ clear display to make your browsing and communication time with the INQ 1 as simple and enjoyable as hoped. Oh, and by the image from DialAPhone, you can also understand that it is a worthy designed cellphone that looks elegant yet simple.