MP3 Music Player Grenade Mod is Explosive with Sound

The MP3 Music Player Grenade Mod is a heck of a creative modification and I would also say dangerous, for it uses an actual grenade (but mentioned it was inactive).

This cool musical mod uses an old MP3 player, a grenade and some workmanship to create a working music grenade. How did this individual come up with such an explosive idea? How did someone sit around watching TV, listening to music or playing paintball and thought of combining a hand grenade with a musical MP3 player?

Even though, I must say I would love to have one. I may not bring it with me while traveling…for all the reasons you are thinking of, but it would be great to either prank my close friends, bring it to a party, or have it hanging from my jacket getting people to leave me alone when listening to my tunes.

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