Voice Activated RC Helicopter Gadget

As if there aren’t enough different Helicopter RC Gadgets available, here comes another that innovates by following your own voice commands for regular use and fun activities.

The RC Helicopter is 18 centimenters long and can still operate up to 10 meters away from the voicing individual in both Japanese or English with regular remote control commends include Up, Down, Hold, Stop and to Start Engine.

Seems like it would be fun to fly this thing around even though for me it will look a little like people that are talking on Bluetooth. Unless the RC Helicopter is really close by, we will see people screaming out orders for the copter out loud, and it may take us a minute to find the actual gadget responding.

It sounds fun and all, but it would be a lot better if it had an onboard camera like the Aerial Photography RC Airplanes or the RC Dragonfly, so it could be used to spy and actual harass parents or roommates without being in close proximity to the victim.

Via: Crunchgear