USB Flash Drive with Finger Print Scan

Gresso has had many interesting creation up its sleeves. Their Fashion USB necklace with massive storage of 192GB and diamonds could make many women weak in their news.

Continuing with their tradition they are up with yet another mind-boggling USB gadgets. The Pandora collection of GressoDesign claims to be the first-of-its-kind “Luxury” device with memory capacity of a whopping 64GB. It calls itself to the first place for your classified information.

Black version has its chassis made from 200 year Old African Blackwood and 18k Gold. A white diamond further adds to its glamour while the LED beneath sets the stage for an experience by spilling blue radiance. The Red is much like its Black sibling with only a glorified ruby replacing the diamond. Technology isn’t scarce here for we even have a finger print scanning detector.

Luxury doesn’t come without blowing up lot of cash and so does this Pandora Collection. The Black one sells for $9999 whereas the Red is little easy with a tag of $999. And if you still wish to lock up your vital data with security strength like that of military grade and no extra frills of luxury, you could try the Security Flash Drive.