Geeky iPhone USB Flash Drive Gadget

We have got everything from extra-engineered apps, cases to diamond studded version for the over-hyped iPhone 3G. But this cute iPhone Flash Drive gadget is different, for it resembles a cartoon iPhone of rubber and could be just another tech-toy.

Keeping the uber-cute looks aside, you will dig further only to get acquainted with the practicality of this new gadget. It not only lets you connect your device to your computer but also doubles as a handy flash drive. With a feather-weight of 10g, it measures only 21 x 42 x 11 mm and comes with two color options of black and white.

It’s only the Chinese folks who can lay their hands on this one for now. Well, let’s hope it doesn’t take forever to hit this of the earth too. No word on pricing.

CraziestGadgets Via GadgetsNews