Glow In The Dark Graffiti Light

If you are the kind of person who dreamed of scribbling graffiti over your town’s walls, you may perhaps like the Glow Graffiti. The cool device lets you draw glowing graffiti using UV light, but only you would not be using an aerosol to deface walls and instead you would use the given re-usable light sensitive sheet.

The Glow Graffiti can be used on the reusable sheet any number of times you want and you would not risk being arrested by the police. The product is meant to be used in the dark and you could throw your own light show for your friends when you meet them. At $49.99, this sure is an affordable device to have fun.

Most of us like cool gadgets that glow, perhaps because they seem futuristic, and hence we have featured the Glowing Moon Orbs and a few other products that gleam their way into the darkness. The Glowing Chess Set and the Glowing Pillow Alarm Clock are some of the other ways you could fight darkness and illuminate the place around you.