Bionic Man with Robotic Hands

Evan Reynolds was fitted with a bionic hand after losing his arm to a gruesome accident. The i-Limb Bionic Hand costs 30,000 Pounds and is definitely not just a prosthesis an amputee could use. As shown in the video, Evan could write, hold a fruit while he ate it, and juggle a ball.

This may seem expensive now but when mass manufactured, the price would certainly come down and could help many amputees like Evan. In fact, the Bionic Hand could help millions of disabled people regain their self-confidence and lead a normal life.

The i-LIMB comes with unique sensors that allow the user to control to a very large degree including gripping, manipulating and using it to suit ones needs. Evan quickly learned how to use this amazing gadget. You could also check out the Visual Impairment Software which similarly helps visually disable people to see better.

Via: Urlesque