Walyou Blog Video Review Featured on InternetRiot

A Walyou Blog video review which can be seen below was recently featured on Internetriot as a great place to find information on future, unique and new gadgets.

It was wonderful to see Anthony Montalbano has made an independent review of Walyou, including an actual video scrolling through our site, explaining to Internet users the various cool gadgets and information that could be found here. Here is a little of what was said of Walyou:

Walyou is a blog about upcoming and unique gadgets.  If you’re a gadget geek, this is the blog for you.  Discover interesting and amazing gadgets on the market and concepts that could be in the future.

We appreciate the kind words, details and heads up and would love to feature other reviews and information made by our readers and visitors. If you have written, recorded or added any words of appreciation to us, or even have some of your own material which you believe fits in Walyou, we would be happy to feature such posts and items here; simply let us know by sending us a direct tip or post to [email protected].

Thank you Internetriot for the review! We are glad you enjoy Walyou and hope to see you again soon.