Xbox 360 Mods Paint Jobs: Sonic and Chocobo

We see many different Xbox 360 Mods that are sometimes extremely bizarre and crazy like the Xbox Car, and then there are also custom paint jobs that simply retouch the shell in a beautiful and colorful way…as with these Sonic and Chocobo 360’s.

Ricepuppet has created some amazing touch ups to the Xbox 360 console with wonderful detailed systems that would make any child (or adult gamer) extremely proud and excited to show off.

Sonic the Hedgehog is no stranger to gamers, and this Xbox mod will surely get soem smiling and maybe a little teary eyed. As mentioned in Akihabarnews, I am also not much of a Chocobo fan, but the artwork and paintjob is still well presented.

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Via: Akihabaranews