Geeky Are You Human Captcha Clothing Design

We are all familiar with the “Are You Human” Captcha tests that are provided at many sites such as Digg, which require us to enter a scrambled, hazy, or off code in order to continue. Are You Human has taken this little test and made it into a Geeky clothing and apparel design, hoping to create a movement towards emphasizing humanity within an ever-growing digital world.

This new clothing design takes the idea of the Captcha test one step further and is meant to spread motives of humanity beyond the ability to solve captcha, like Relationships, Environmentalism and Culture. What does this mean? It means using the Captcha test for other worlds that actually have daily meanings for all of us and makes us truly human…not just scrambled words to test of a Robot is submitting something.

In order to really show how creativity and crowd participation is welcome, Are You Human are open to suggestions and give the maker a free T Shirt if it was decided to be made. In addition, 5% of revenues are donated yo various organizations who aim to end human suffering, such as: hunger, abuse, war, pollution, disease and more.

In all actuality, these T Shirts are great for their cause and meaning, but they are also pretty darn cool looking. It brings the Captcha test to life and clothing with words that actually have meaning. It is kind of like a bonus, or a two for one kind of thing.

A few different designs are seen within this post, and you could check out the rest at their site, purchase any at Zazzle or contribute some of your own free thinking ideas as well.