Mac Dating Game Starring Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Back in 1983, Steve Jobs presented the Mac Dating Game within a conference in order to please and entertain the crowd, and who is one of its contestants if not the young and geeky Bill Gates? It is a great flashback to the pirates of Silicon Valley days that is really fun to look back at.

There are many stories about what happened between Apple and Microsoft, software innovation or theft, friends or foes, but this Mac Dating game show clip kind of shows a little time where everyone were friends…how sweet! Steve Jobs was a young stud before the iMac, iPod or even the iPhone3G crept in his mind and Bill Gates…well, he was a nerd, but I don’t think he cared or anyone else in the crowd.

It is a nostalgic look back at the people who began the two empires which is short…but sweet. If it doesn’t rock your boat, you can see the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Cartoon Fight which may be more up your alley.

Via: Switched