Gun Replicas Colorful Gallery of Famous Guns

While we all know that guns are not toys, these colorful gun replicas designs are cool enough to be placed on a living room wall as a really colorful home design and they are also replicas of famous guns.

These gun replicas gallery designs provided by David Buckingham Studios are absolutely amazing. The various colors, shapes and design of the assorted guns really give a different style to each, which I have not seen before.

Each of these sculptures also have famous nicknames which we could be familiar with: Son of Sam, Phil Spector, Mark David Chapman, Barney Fife, Travis Bickle III, Officer Christina Labriola LAPD, and Valerie Solanos.

Again, guns are not toys and should not be played with, but all of these seen here are made from cut and welded found metal and are not functional as a weapon.

Thanks David for the permission to post the images.