Painted Gaming Mods: NES, SNES and PS1

Video Game Consoles today are really good looking machines. They provide us hours of fun, are more graphically enhanced than before and allow for many more features, but the bottom line…they look better than before. It is no surprise then, that I was really excited to see the custom paint jobs that were done to some of our favorite past gaming consoles: NES, Super Nintendo and the original Sony Playstation.

These great Console Mods, if you can call them gaming modifications, could be a source of inspiration; they are wonderful creations that place gaming scenes on the actual consoles. These are a little more cartoonish that the PC Case Mods we have previously seen and can be seen at the NES and PS1 galley and also at the SNES gallery.

For other cool mods, make sure to check out the wonderful Lego NES Mod and also the awesome Xbox 360 Car Mod.

NES Game Console Paint Job Mod

I still love the NES even though such gaming innovation was released since the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was a lot of fun, I truly think the games were great, and it was more than sufficient for that time period. These creations below give a little different custom paint flavor to the NES consoles we remember so well.

NES Spy Hunter

Besides the actual game, the theme music was something we couldn’t get away from.

NES Mega Man 2

There were som many Mega Man’s, but this NES tribute is a beautiful thing.

NES Super Mario Brothers 3

When Mario was first able to fly, I was ecstatic. It is a classic game that will be cherished forever.
Playstation Game Console Paint Job Mod

NPlaystation 1 Game Console Paint Job Mod

When Sony first came out with the Playstation people were wondering of its ability and potential for success. Many years later, the PS3 is extremely popular and going strong.

These custom paint mods below though are of the first and original one displaying a few memorable games.

Playstation Valkyrie

This is a cool profile picture from the Playstation game Valkyrie.

Playstation Final Fantasy 7

People are just enchanted by the Final Fantasy game series, and these are great representations of that love.

SNES Game Console Paint Job Mod

It may not have been as successful as the NES or stayed on for as many years, but it still had some ups along with the downs. A few beautiful art consoles are presented below to make the nostalgic moment a little brighter.

SNES Zelda

The game we couldn’t do without is displayed simply and beautifully on this SNES.

SNES Ghouls N Ghosts

This is one of the greatest Love and Hate games I have ever played. On the one hand it has a great idea, the armor, and the monsters…on the other hand…the gameplay never sat right with me.

SNES Super Mario Kart

Now this one was fun! Super Mario Kart for the SNES was a masterpiece. I sat for hours battling friends and racing along…but Toad never amounted to much no matter how good of a player you became.

SNES Super Mario World

It took a little getting used to until I really got into the new controller and the new Super Mario World, but in the end…it was entertaining and fun as could be expected.

SNES Secret of Mana

I must admit that I have never played Secret of Mana, so I cannot provide any objective commentary except that the artwork on this SNES is still nice.