Geeky iPhone 3G Earrings

We already know there are many different iPhone designs and accessories, but someone must really see the iPhone 3G as a fashionable jewelry item and created a set of geeky earrings to resemble the popular Apple cellphone.

In case you are not interested in a 2 year iPhone contract, cannot afford an iPhone at this time or you haven’t unlocked the iPhone 3G with Yellowsn0w yet, you can get a cheaper version to wear on your ears. These geeky earrings cost only $22 at Etsy’s and have 18 different buttons to look similar to the same cellphones we see so many use on a daily basis.

The set was made with Fimo, as to explain the little warped look, but still cannot be denied the artistic ability of the tiny buttons.

Via: AltafSayani