Top Pixel Art Gallery of Video Games Characters

Pixel Art of Video Game Characters is always fun to look at for both its creative works and also the creativity of revisiting older galleries and images in a different sense. Many times, we have seen different Pixel designs that vary from being extremely artistic to very adolescence but in both areas…it is highly entertaining.

We have gathered below a top galley of Pixel Artwork consisting of video game characters we are all very familiar with, such as Super Mario Brothers, Space Invaders and more…with each bringing the images to life in a different and creative way; some are amazing and creative works while some are simple, but we definitely hope you enjoy them all.

Besides the Pixel images below, you can find another great collection of real life pixel art at our friends The Chive, which provide a wonderful variety of images as well.

Wood Pixel Art

Woodpixel grant a cool way to create your own pixel art by providing you wooden cubes with each side a different wood tone, so you can combine and draw up your own design to hang on your wall. The example shown of the Space Invaders presents the different stages of such a project. The additional image is of a Space Invaders cutting board also made of wood that brings the little characters to your kitchen.

Super Mario Brothers and Space Invaders Pixel Art

The images shown below are various different craft and work bringing Mario into life with pixels.

The Andy Warhol Marios by Victor Uhal could actually make it on some museum wall, both for their color scheme and different Mario look. If you are not necessarily looking to make Pixel Art, you could also find a cool Andy Warhol Generator for different images.

The 3D cubed Mario was created with a cool Online tool that allows you to start dropping cubes to make 3D pixel art recreating images you like. Seems a little square to me.

Image: Source

This huge pixel Mario art is made out of painted wooden crates making Mario a huge video game character.

The Rubik’s Cube Pixel Mario and Space Invaders Alien was made by an artist going by the name Invader, which makes a lot of different art works bringing such little characters to life in great new designs.

Space Invaders invader the postal stamps with through a great photoshop contest of Worth1000. It is a nice design of the little retro characters and a nice touch to all the envelopes they could go on.

A cool Mario Pixel coffee table made with tiles that is made with the simple colors and still stands for what Mario meant for us.

Just as above showed Mario, the second one is another great table made with tiles to present the Space Invaders Pixel Art with bright colors. It could be perfect to bring the retro video games in the patio on a hot summer night.

Mario and his Princess made into pixelated shirts. The images are wonderful, the retro design is great, and the resizing of the pictures brings the ability to see the pixels.

Super Mario Brothers 3 was a wonderful game for the NES, and this fan made a huge pixel art piece from pushpins. By the way, he is a student, and it makes me wonder what his grades were when he spent months on this pushpin art.

Perler Beads Pixel Art

It is wonderful to see different Pixel art and also the means used to actually create it. Below there are additional images for this Pixel Art collection with artwork made from Perler Beads.

Sonic the Hedgehog and the dog from Duck Hunt are also old favorites with Sonic hanging on for dear life with ongoing games, and dog still laughing his way to the bank. The dog from Duck Hunt may be long gone, but that laughs still boils me.

Mega Man, Mario and friends, Zelda and also Pacman are shown in these various pixel artworks made out of perler beads. I must admit that until I saw these different perler crafts, I didn’t know what perler beads were.

Mike Tyson’s Punchout was one of the most fun I had during the old NES game days. You can see a few of the pixel art characters made with perler beads in the post and some additional ones here.

Various Video Game Pixel Art

The pixel art recreations of Gameboy, Bubble Bobble, Bomberman, Mega Man and Golden Axe Characters (Ax Battler, Gilius Thunderhead and Tyris Flare were made by Scott Short and definitely makes us recall the goold old video gaes from the past. The great thing about the Gameboy is the colorless screen is apparent, knowing it was just the beginning. Some of these works are still available at his shop at Etsy’s.

Images: EnablerArt

A cool Pacman Blue Ghost remake was many using some translucent blocks that are able to be built upon, but are great for making pixel art come alive.

ManicMaiden makes some great craftwork of different pixelated video games that are both retro and can be practical in your home. In these images, we get a visit from Dig Dug and also a giant Mario quilt.

Images: ManicMaiden Flickr

Here are a few more video game pixel art made with pushpins: Metroid and Mario with his infamous jump of the turtle shell…even though the colors are completely different the original game.

Images: Source

Link from Zelda was made using 143 cupcakes. The images shown are the original used for the creation and also the final sweet pixel project that may be too good to eat.

Images: LinkCake’s Flickr

As the Punchout characters above bring back memories from the NES, this pixelated scarves made by Beatboxtaun bring a smile on my face. The images do not only make us remember the game, but also show Mike Tyson in his prime time.

Images: Beatboxtaun

If you want to learn how to make Pixel Art from Lego, you can follow the few steps and start recreating your own favorite characters such as the Sonic the Hedgehog Lego remake shown here.