Fender Electric Guitars Coffee Table Designs

The Fender Electric Guitars are classic musical instruments that are still used by so many amazing musicians and have always been seen through my eyes as wonderful works of art. These new coffee table designs have used the Fender look and created a vintage guitar looking table that not only resembles the Fender electric guitars but provides a class act as well.

Instead of having a simple coffee table at home that looks just makes your home look exactly like everyone else’s home, these deluxe stratocaster tables can really do the trick. They are made from solid maple wood and are custom stained to provide the true vintage look of the original strat guitars of Fender. The tuning pegs are made with chrome plates while the actual Fender lettering is silk screened.

For guitar player, all around musician or simply music lovers, these Fender electric guitars coffee tables are an amazing home design that would definitely grant a whole new look with a classic finish for any living room. In addition, each has its own serial number for an original authenticity, and there are additional models available besides the Deluxe Strat, such as a Standard Stratocaster and also a Deluxe Telecaster coming soon. The Deluxe Strat runs for $750.

Thanks Matt for the info.