Sadistic Valentine Gift Watch for Him or Her

The ‘She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not’ wristwatch is kind of a sadistic Valentine gift idea for him or her, for as the seconds count off…your belief in your love titters back and forth.

While most of us wouldn’t like to provide our loved one with a sadistic Valentine’s Day gift, this wristwatch is pretty well designed and still provides a pretty site. It plays on the old lovers game of plucking of the petals of a flower one by one asking the question whether or not he (or she) loves me.

I guess for the couples that have a lot of cofidence in each other, this may make a great gift idea for Valentinte’s, for they would not have to really ask the question and it will probably not be worn on many wrists for superstitious fear.It is available at MrJonesWatches for $145.

Via: Crunchgear