Mini Figurine Art Imitating Life Like Moments

I came across these beautiful images by Vincent Bousserez of mini figurines shown as art imitating life like moments, which are absolutely amazing and awe inspiring. The creativity and great photography imagination are easily illustrated, but unfortunately there were too many to present in one post.

There are many mini figurines placed in various poses that imitate life scenes and moments we all could relate to or seen in real life, magazine images or even in some movie scenes. Although none that I saw resembled an actual image that I have seen before, they all touch a spot that makes you smile so easily.

The few photos randomly selected are definitely fun and make me think of the work related to create such imagery. I am certain here and there is a mini figure which is purchased already painted, there are others which needed additional attention to both arrive at the true scene color.

I for one love these images and hope you do as well.

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