Fender Tweed Amp Hotseat Design

I play Fender electric guitars and really love the brand name and products Fender has continually provided. This of course helped my excitement when I saw this Fender tweed amp design of a hotseat which is also used to store all my music accessories, such as pedals, cords, straps, and other things that could clutter my playing space.

Created by the same company which also brought us the Fender Electric Guitars Coffee Table Designs, the Fender tweed amp is a great storage hotseat that is made to look just like the amps by the great guitar manufacturer.

The amp is extremely similar in both style and feel, for the parts used to make it taken from inventory of the guitar company itself. For example, the genuine volume knobs seen on the original tweed amp are used to provide a knob to pop the storage open. Moreover, the strap, and the inside covers are made to feel and look just like the real thing.

Whether you are a Fender fan or simply are seeking a great looking hotseat to seat on while playing your tunes, which also provides the practicality to conveniently store your musical accessories, this Fender tweed amp hotseat is definitely for you and runs for $180.

Lastly, if tweed is not your style, it also comes in Black, which can be seen in the corresponding pictures as well.

Guitarists finally get a new product to love and cherish that really gives the style they deserve.

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