Nixie Tube Clock Gadget

Whether you are familiar with the Nixie Tube Clock or simply looking for another amazing clock design for your home, this cool gadget is definitely something for a wish list…and some men may love it as a Valentine’s Day gift as well.

Nixie is the acronym for Numerical Indicator Experiment: NIX-i which later became the name given for the tube readouts that are seen on this Nixie tube clock. The way they work is:

Each glass tube typically contains 10 or more individual cathode wires in the shape of numbers or letters. The cathodes are stacked so that different numerals appear at different depths, unlike a planar display in which all numerals are on the same plane relative to the viewer. The anode is a transparent metal mesh wrapped around the front of the display. The tube is filled with the inert gas neon (and other gases) with a small amount of mercury. When an electric potential of 120 to 180 volts DC is applied between the anode and any cathode, the gas near the cathode breaks down and the digit spreads it’s wonderful glow. – Official Site

There are many different clock gadgets available that vary from modern to extremely practical, but the popularity of the Nixie tube clock including their amazing readouts definitely make this one a worthwhile clock that more than just tells the time.They are available at the official site in different models starting at $350.