Dumbbell Weights Alarm Clock Gets You In Shape in the Morning

Here is how you can strike two birds with a single stone: Get yourself the Shape Up!, an alarm clock that is designed like dumbbell weights. Every morning it starts to ring and only stops once you have done 30 reps; This means, you would neither miss your workout nor would you continue to sleep in the bed.

The product has been designed by Yuk Wang and comes with recyclable clear boxes. If only people paid more attention to how they manage their time and also how they manage their own health by exercising regularly, much of our present problems would disappear.

I would say, this particular alarm gadget would be great if the user has a lazy personality. The Fitbit Fitness gadget is one such gadget which we have featured earlier and helps one stay healthy. The Geeky Alarm Clock is another great alternative for a cool way to wake up every morning.