Mini Robot Paul Hoc Replaces Human Art Sketches

If you thought artists were those beautiful souls who expressed their emotions and feelings through soulful art, here is a surprise: Paul Hoc is a robotic artist which just needs a pen to draw tirelessly. People are already talking about Paul Hoc paving way to robotic art which might replace human art. Paul the robot artist looks like a small lorry with an arm to hold the pen as can be seen in the amazing demonstration video below.

For me, this suggests the impending loss of human creativity and soul to technology. This also could mean that androids will one day soon rule us humans, while we become slaves to technology.

Paul Hoc was designed by Objetgraphik and participated at the Saint Etienne International Design Biennial. However, one cannot ignore the almost perfect precision drawings that humans can’t achieve. The robot could be used for architectural and conceptual designs but definitely not for some good old art where imperfection is the essence of human fallacies.

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Via: TechChee