Mini RC Helicopter and RC Battle Tank

If you were looking for a fun way to spend a weekend, you could try Danbar’s new Ground Assault helicopter part of the Nano Copter Series. With these kick ass copters you can master the techniques of flying a copter in minutes and you could quash your enemies’ tanks. The RC battle tanks look just as great too.

The Danbar Grand Assault copter comes with a cool wide infrared control span and is manufactured with a unique crash resistant material. The company is giving away these cool helicopters for just 39.99 Pounds and you also get a spare copter worth 8.99 for free.

If you think these copters are too naive for you, you could check out the impossibly complicated Stirling Engine Kit or the RC Helicopter Gadget. The Ground Assault copters may have been recommended for those about 8 years olds, making it sound like it is a child’s toy. However, it is quite possible that even adults find it fun to play with.