Walyou Weekly Post Roundup 10

This Weekly Roundup in Walyou has a lot of great images and posts that are worth taking a look if you missed them during the week or see again if already done so.

If you run by other great items worth posting about, go ahead and send the tips to us at [email protected].

Custom Lego PC Mod

Limited Edition Halo Xbox 360

Roll Up Keyboard with Four Octaves

Stitch Art Quilt of Nintendo Video Games

Pizza Cutter Scissors are Genius Kitchen Gadgets

Waterproof MP3 Player Home Tower


Amazon Kindle 2

Nixie Tube Clock Gadget

Fender Tweed Amp Hotseat Design

Mini Figurine Art Imitating Life Like Moments

Soap Bars PS3 Controllers Keep Gamers Clean

Fashion Scarves of Guitar Hero SImply Rock!

Guacamole Han Solo Carbonite Sculpture

Film 2 SD Negative Scanner from Firefox

Uzi Submachine Gun – Made of Straws

Stephen King Joins Amazon to Unveil Kindle 2 E-Book Reader

Steampunk Flying Helmet with Goggles and Headphone Attachments

Tofu Robot has Disney Cartoon Like Movement

The 5 Hardest Games in the Online World

Cool Stuff: Ben Swift’s Dude Art Print

Different Geeky Take on the Iconic Obama ‘Hope’ Poster