How To Make a Lampshade: Origami DIY

While origami has always been popular for different papercraft innovation, it is great to use such skill to learn how to make a lampshade for your home or office.

This cool DIY project is not too difficult and gives an extra hint of fun when combining Origami craft to make an actual lampshade design for your home. The only materials needed for such a project are:

medium to heavy paper approximate size 14″ x 22″

Double sided tape

Fire retardant spray

Regular lamp or a glass candle

Bone Folder

The diagram to actually put it together can be found below or at original artist Tomoko Fuse’s site.

After you build the Origami Lampshade, you will probably get better at the papercraft and could make different designs, sizes and uses for such a project for other house designed areas.

Via: Cribcandy