Nixie Tube Clock DIY Kits

The Nixie Tube Clock remind us of the 1950s when the modernist era was in full swing. The simplistic design hides a number of aesthetic ideals which can be understood by the artistic minded. Peter Jensen pays homage to these wonderful digital clocks and has a series of Nixie Tube Clocks and DIY Kits for the discerning buyer.

These clocks may not come with awesome technical capabilities and do not allow you to browse Internet, watch movies etc. However, what they really do is, they please your heart and take you on a nostalgic trip to the Soviet era when the Russian Nixie Tubes were a screaming rage. Old time fades out and the new time fades in, and that alone answers many questions about life and our time here.

Peter Jensen also has a DIY kit for Nixie Clocks which comes with instructions, most of the parts required and also a very useful manual. The kits start at $99 and can cost more depending on the number of accessories provided. We had earlier featured a Nixie Tube Clock which may interest you as well. Peter Jensen certainly knows how to bring the best of the Nixie Tube Clock kits as he is passionate about what he does.