Classic Pacman Boxer Shorts

God bless Nintendo for coming up with the classic Pacman game a decade ago. If it was not for the uber-favorite NES games, guys around the globe wouldn’t have inspiration to toss out fun gadgets. The Pacman Boxer shorts too second my thoughts.

The grid pattern with different colored Pacman placed in there looks cute. I have seen men making a fashion statement with just their boxers on. So a proud NES lover knows to pen down the next thing on his wish list. Amazon is retailing these boxers for almost $13, which is not bad at all.

Well, most of the women are not into hard-core gaming, but if they were, I am sure Pacman lingerie would have looked great too. Since I am yet to come across something like this, our ladies can still grab on the 3D Pacman Silicon Oven Mitts.