Sumo Wrestler Hoppers are Fun Gadgets for Adults

Nostalgia has a new definition now and that certainly comes in the form of the Sumo Hoppers. If you still have no idea what I am talking about, there is a company which is soon going to sell those beloved hoppers suited to an adult’s size. The hoppers come with adequate space of 24 inches and even those blessed with generous bodies can easily fit on top of these Sumo wrestlers.

The adult version of hoppers can be used by groups of friends, couples and even just a single person. However you plan to use them, a fun time is guaranteed. You could relive those moments of innocent fun you had as a kid, hopping down in one of these hoppers down your driveway.

When you get yourself a set of 2 Sumo Hoppers, you also get a pump which lets you inflate the hoppers as much as you want. The Sumo Hoppers are not available yet and would be sold from April onwards, but PerpetualKid is taking pre-orders. I guess it is well worth the wait, for it is not always that you can relive your childhood memories once again.

The fact that these hoppers also look like Sumo wrestlers may add a dash of novelty too. If you are more interested in the Sumo part of these hoppers than the Sumo Hopper itself, you would also be interested in checking out the Sumo Wrestler Robot, who is quite interesting himself!