Inkjet Printer Ink Cartridge Trick Can Save A Lot of Money


We all know how annoying it is when we are told by the system that our ink cartridges are empty. It is not only annoying but is expensive too, to buy new cartridges frequently. However, there seems to be a little secret which the ink cartridge companies don’t want us to know.

It is possible to not only harness remaining ink in the cartridge before throwing, but we can get almost half of the cartridge! All one would need to do is reset the cartridge using a pin. One would need to locate a hole above the circuit at the back of the cartridge and reset it easily. This would allow you to use the ink that you would otherwise have thrown in to the dustbin.

The video shows an Epson cartridge and it is not clearly mentioned if we can use this trick on cartridges by all companies. However, before you throw the cartridge away, do try this trick just in case it helps! This would not only save us from spending more on ink, but would also give us the pleasure of doing something that big corporations do not want us to do.

Via: DivineCaroline