Segway Scooter from Chanel


If you were looking for the most opulent way to get around, you must try getting hold of the Chanel branded Segway. The Chanel’s segway has been designed by Karl Lagerfield and is a vehicle that should be admired whole heartedly. Chanel as we all know is a luxury and fashion house that is almost snobbish, to say the least.

When the economic downturn is in full swing, buying a Chanel branded Segway may seem like the stupidest idea, but wait, there is more to it. If you have the money to buy something like it, you would most certainly not be affected by recession and you would also want to wallow in self indulgence and vanity and prove to your less fortunate friends how rich you are.

The Chanel’s Segway is adorned with silver and is made of black steel and could give you an idea about the cost of this beautiful vehicle. There is no information about either the price or it’s availability, but you could assume that it is going to be insanely expensive. We had earlier featured a less exclusive and more realistic collection of Segway Scooters, which you may want to try, if you were on the verge of bankruptcy.