Blood Bath Mat Design Leaves Bloody Footprints


Bloody footprints soaking your shower or bath mat will be a perfect prank to your houseguests, making them either find an excuse to leave right away or stay in the bathroom until you leave.


This Blood Bath design reminds me of the Bloody Pillow we seen just a few days ago, and can definitely get the same shocking result from unsuspecting victims. It is a morbid way to play a trick on friends and also adds a bright color to a dull bathroom for only £14.99.


I guess for actual criminals or killers, this bloody mat could also provide some deja-vu or make them wonder why after coming out of the shower, the blood wasn’t completely rinsed off. Still, even such individuals would probably appreciate the tribute to blood in some of these home designs that make such a colorful mark.


It is available at for those who want the real Horror movie in their own bath design.