Star Wars Characters Meet Disney


If propriety was one of your concerns, you perhaps won’t appreciate the Disney characters dressed in Star Wars gear. What would surprise and shock you is Minnie dressed as a Princess Leia slave girl. Most people would find it highly improper to let a childhood cartoon idol dressed as a slave.

Nevertheless, you would love the cool Carbonite Don Solo ala Donald Duck and the thin & lanky Goofbacca. Only 600 of these statues will ever go on sale and will cost $195 each. If you are planning to buy one of these, you may have to either go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios or to Disneyland, where they shall be available from the second week of June.


Star Wars fans would love these funny takes on Disney characters though it may end up pissing off many Disney fans themselves. If you were looking for something a little more gGothic, you could try the Star Wars Puki Doll.

Via: Geekologie