Alligrater Kitchen Gadget: Cute but Deadly


Kitchen Gadgets do not any cuter than the Alligator and Grater combo known as the Alligrater, but do not take your eyes off it, for it is still a deadly tool.

With different designs and gadgets created for the Kitchen enthusiast, here is a nice example of one to make the chef continue with his/her work with a smile on their face. There are so many different graters and sizes, but this one is remarkably cute and is also designed to give a good grip while demonstrating its purpose.

As with all Kitchen items, it is still sharp and if not used properly, this Alligator grater would take some skin off, make you bleed, and with enough force, also take a finger…so be ware of the predator.If you are aware of the dangers and still want it for your kitchen, then you can get your hands on one for only $12.99.