Edible Gadgets: the iPod IcePod


The iPod has never looked so sweet as it does in the new Apple gadget dessert entitled the IcePod, which combines the design of the iPod with a sweet, chocolate covered Ice-Cream bar.

The new IcePod is perhaps trying to make people fall in love with the iPod again, or allowing the non-fans to take a bite out of Apple. With the complaints of battery replacement, DRM issues and also price, this new iPod is definitely a treat that will give you exactly what you expect…a sweet and tasty (hopefully) Ice-Cream bar.

Well, if you are looking for an iPod replacement that grants a lot less features but with it…less headaches, then this may be it. It can be that last finish at the end of the meal…but the music would be another story.

Via: SlipperyBrick