Bacon Wrapped Wallet


Sometimes you will have to try the most ingenious ways to grab attention, especially if you lack the personal charisma required to make heads turn. One of the ways is to get a Bacon Wallet which is sure to get second looks whenever you remove it from your pocket to pay. However, be warned that you may invite more raised eyebrows and less appreciative smiles. The adorable wallet is vinyl embossed and measures 4.24 inches long and 3.75 inches tall. It is made of faux leather and has a lot of space for all your cash and cards.

You need to make sure you do not carry this to a plush restaurant when you are out with a sophisticated lady. The waiter and your lady would not find this funny purse appropriate for the situation. You may also need to make sure there are no hungry dogs around as they are fond of bacon and may leap at you. Perhaps you may need to control your mouth from salivating every time you removed your wallet too!

The Bacon Wallet costs $22.99 and could be given as a cool gift to someone young or young at heart. Bacon makes everyone’s mouth water regardless of their age. Hence, there are many products which are inspired by this delicious piece of meat and one such is the interesting Bacon iPhone Case.