Super Mario Kart From Office Supplies


If you were wondering what could be the best way to pay tribute to Super Mario, you could try building something on your own from the office supplies you rarely use. Donald Kennedy had a similar idea when he came across a range of office supplies which he used to creatively make the Mario Kart. The Super Mario Kart features one of our favorite heroes riding a cart which rather looks like a race car. Donald used what you would consider banal; things like colored paper clips, push pins, binding clips and even some loose change.


Donald claims to have made it when he was bored and the monotony at the workplace apparently drove him to create this cool Mario Cart. Now you would know that things that appear mundane and boring in your office can be turned in to something creatively cool and rocking. Super Mario has inspired many artists and gaming fans to create things that one could not have dreamed of earlier.


If you liked the Mario Cart, I am sure you would also like the 3D Super Mario Papercraft which looks just as cool. You could also either visit Donald’s Flickr page or his website where you can check out more of his astounding pieces of work. Moreover, various works were shown to prove that you could convert these very boring office supplies into cooler stuff.

Via: MakeZine