Funny Pencil Sharpener Violates Dogs and Cats


It is quite natural to find shopping for stationary extremely boring, and that is where the dog and cat shaped Sharp-End Pencil Sharpeners comes to the rescue. The Doggie pencil sharpener for instance comes with a hole in its rear to help you sharpen your blunt pencil. Ideally, you should just be able to sharpen your pencil and forget about but the sharpener comes with its little surprises.

Once you begin to insert the pencil, the dog woofs like it is being pleasured. I would say, people who are into kink and bestiality would find these sorts of ‘toys’ appealing, more than the innocent fourth graders they are intended to. The sharpeners also come in the cat’s version which is quite the same but meows when the pencil is inserted in its butt. Whoever could have imagined stationary could become objects of fetish masked in innocence!

The doggie sharpener comes with a basket and the cat version comes with a litter box. At about $14.99 for either the dog pencil sharpener or the cat sharpener, these funny gadgets could just be the best way to satiate your gross fetishes and also piss off all those pet lovers and animal rights activists whom you have always detested. If you would still like to diss them, try the Headless Dog Speakers – Animal Objectification at its best!


Via: GearDiary