Pi Symbol Cork Trivet


I think the last time I thought of Pi was when someone threw a challenge as to how many decimal figures I could compute its value.  Darn, if I had this Pi Trivet on my table, I am so sure people around would have thought I am abnormally genius! So when the world honored the presence of this mathematical figure, the guys at Evil Mad Scientist couldn’t contain themselves and hence scooped out the Pi Symbol Cork Trivet.

The symbol Pie has as much as five thousand figures that follow the decimal that are neatly laser-engraved on the cork. Owing to its gasket material from McMaster-Carr, the Trivet scales heights on smoothness and fine detailing.  I am sure  math-enthusiasts would be feasting on this.  In case you think of showing your geek side to your visitors, the Pi Ice Cube Tray with this Trivet would make up for a winsome combination.


Via: EvilMadScientist