Art Masterpiece of Lexus


How would you expect Lexus to advertise their luxury line of cars and help the target audience to associate the company and its products with class, culture and sophistication? Well, it would try to associate itself with the great maestros who spearheaded many art movements.

Saatchi & Saatchi has helped Lexus create a series of ad posters which include paintings of various masters and the copy asserts “Every piece is a masterpiece”. One of the posters is dedicated to Salvadore Dali, the surrealist Spanish painter who was one of the best known in the field of surrealism.


The second poster is dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh, the Dutch post-impressionist painter who left behind masterpieces in spite of his severe mental condition.


The best and probably the most striking poster is that of Andy Warhol’s’. Warhol was the leader of Pop Art movement and introduced the anti-elitist movement.

Lexus’ choices of artists to help the consumer associate the company with class, adventure and rebellion may be an attempt to carve out a niche in the car market which has been dogged by banality and luxury sans soul. These beautiful posters immediately catch the attention of the viewer and help them associate these masterpieces with the products of Lexus.