Lego Ice Cube Tray


If you can’t have enough of all the LEGO stuff we have featured, you ought to try the kick-ass LEGO® Ice Brick Tray. The funny thing about the product is that it freezes water into ice cubes which are shaped like the much loved building blocks we grew up on. You could go ahead and build an ice tower or a weapon of your choice and watch your creation melt in the heat of afternoon sun.

LEGO® Ice Brick Tray is made of durable silicone and can make up to 10 ice cubes at a time. It could easily be cleaned in a dishwasher and hence poses no problem if you would like to make fruit juice cubes and or cooler stuff like that. This could be a cool way to entertain your friends when they hop in for a beer and soccer match.

If you get too tempted to put those LEGO ice cubes in your mouth and your good ol’ teeth are too fragile and diseased to handle the chill, try and learn How to Make Lego Gummy Bricks. You could munch on your edible LEGO blocks while your friends have all the fun in the world with these cool cubes. At about $7.99 for Yellow or Blue trays,  I must say this is a steal and the hours of fun you would gain when used with friends or alone, is invaluable.