Funny Ctrl Alt Delete Gadget


Gadgets are invented to simply life. But to an extent that you no longer touch keys of a computer and a dedicated tool does that?! Well, I am not talking greek but about the Funny Ctrl Alt Delete Gadget that pulls off the Window task Manager pane on your screen or reboots your PC. It works only with normal keyboards and windows operating system. I wonder if you’re impressed with this gadget, at least I am not.

Via: Coated

4 thoughts on “Funny Ctrl Alt Delete Gadget

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  2. Will.

    Haha, wow. I’ve actually thought of something like this existing before, but never thought anyone would actually make it.

    I noticed that you started adding in a little blurb at the end of your RSS feeds about the post being from Walyou. Have you been having a problem with scraping?


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