Helium Espresso Machine Design


Aussie designer Hugh Thomas has designed the Helium Espresso Machine which could just be the best answer for all your coffee brewing woes. It is designed in a contemporary and sensual way. Thanks to the bright colors, it would add life and freshness to your kitchen and no longer would your kitchen stay dull and drab. The cups can be kept on the top of the coffee maker to resemble a bunny’s ears and creates a story in itself.


The Helium Espresso Machine also has a large and convenient water tank which helps the user to make coffee just like a Barista would. In fact, making or brewing coffee would no longer be a boring and everyday affair but would be a new experience each time you brew coffee. You could weave your own tales depending on your mood and the angle at which you look at this coffee machine.


If you get yourself different colored Helium Espresso Machines, it would create a riot of colors and your tale weaving ritual would also be richer. In fact, the Arabs have a tradition of telling stories while making and drinking coffee, which takes up quite a large part of the afternoon on a day without much work to do. Presumably, it is a concept and is not in the market yet. While you get your coffee ready, you could learn How to Make a Coffee Table from Magazines or try the Color Changing Coffee Table.