Pixel Art Table Self Destructs


If I mentioned about a Pixel Art Table, you could probably start a table with a pixel art image stuck at its face. Well, to your awe, this isn’t even near to any cliched imagination. union


The Self-Destruct Coffee Table here is made up of concrete pixel grids. Each time the makers churn out one more unit in production, they keep on removing one pixel from the design. So as no the number of tables produced increase, the design would become intricate and useless too.


The table is realizing a limited series and so far 29 unit have been out. I am wondering the agony of the last buyer, who just gets one grid of pixel set atop its walnut base as his coffee table! The price of $1700 here will make you do everything except reading on any further.


You could also check the Pixel Art Gallery or learn how to make Lego pixel art with an example of Sonic the Hedgehog video game character.

Via CraziestGadgets