Top Anime and Manga Gadgets Collection

Anime movies and Manga comics have a certain fanbase and people either love the movies or hate them…usually there is no in-between. The things that I think are amazing in Manga comics and films are: the amazing gadgets seen, the detailed robots and weapons, and of course the great looking Anime girls which are close to perfect.

In this collection, we gathered many different manga gadgets, anime figures, and some girls. Some of these below are gadgets for the Evangelion series, some are inspired by Gundam Manga and a few also have Akira to thank. If you know where some additional great gizmos and items can be found…please share them with us.

Gundam Head as Portable Speaker

We watch Anime on the TV set, and now we can use the Gundam head as a portable speaker for our iPods and other portable MP3 players. It is a great way to have your favorite Anime series with you even while not watching it.

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Anime Phone Cradle and Charger

The color may be perfect for girls, but it is still a Gundam Manga accessory that was sold as a phone and charger bundle. I’m sure die-hard fans were just crazy for it.

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Anime Girls PC Case Mods

PC Case Mods are amazing as it is, but when they are made by inspiration of beautiful Anime girls, then it is a bonus. These two cases are made with great detail, and even though they are not as realistic as many would wish, they are still a beautiful replica that would satisfy fans nonetheless.

Anime Star Wars Characters

There are many different Star Wars remakes, such as Steampunk Star Wars and as can be seen here…Anime Star Wars. It is fun to see two major sagas join to create great artwork with the specs and details as we have come to expect. So they are not extremely Anime looking, but the hint is still there.

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Anime Vehicles Remakes

The cars and robots that are maneuvered in the movies are sometimes too cool to fathom, and here are a few remakes. The plus about these creations is that the Anime fans have built upon working vehicles, so they are functional as well.

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Gundam Pure Platinum Figure

This is one of the most expensive figures ever. It is a Manga Gundam robot replica that is made from pure Platinum to amount to approximately $41,000 (at time created). Probably not affordable by many, it would make a heck of a collectible item…especially to display on the turntable.

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Nissan DUALIS Mecha Suit

Created by an Anime designer Shoji Kawamori, this 3.5 meters tall suit is a robot version of the Nissan DUALIS. I wish such a replica would be for sale or even adapted to be within an army…although I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end.

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Gundam USB Ionizer and Hub

The colors of this USB Ionizer and Hub are attractive enough to be something not just Manga fans and geeks would like. They are made by inspiration from the Gundam Anime show.

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Anime Girls Busty Mousepad

Does this even need an introduction? It is a cool mousepad that has a beautiful Anime Girl printed on it…and a little extra. Many men would flock for it, but who knows maybe some women would love the comfort.

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Anime USB Accessories

These four KinnikuMan Warriors are in some weird sit ups position, but are still a fun USB accessory for Manga fans. They are small, cute, colorful and provide inspiration as they do their exercise while you are working on your computer.

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Gundam Slippers

Awesome way to walk around professing your Manga love…in giant Gundam slippers. These huge slippers are designed with the Gundam robot in mind and make the sound effects as you slam your foot down. Bets idea would be to take it to casual dress day and really act out.

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Gundam Robot USB

This 4GB USB Flash Drive is a miniature version of the Gundam Robot and will both serve an Anime fan’s obsession and practicality of a portable storage drive.

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Evangelion USB Drive

Shaped, modeled, and presenting the Evangelion Anime series, this is a 2GB flash drive for major fans. Its actual shape is like the Mecha’s cockpit…but in a miniature flash drive.

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Rei USB Drive

Evangelion and Anime Girls fans who love Rei would enjoy this portable flash drive similar to the Gundam Robot one. It is a miniature Rei version that is also practical, answering daily storage needs.

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Build a Gundam Robot

2 children built a 1.5 meters Gundam Robot from a model kit that shows they are major Anime fans. I’m just hoping they will get into the full sized Anime girl models as the next project.

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Anime Bubble Head

I haven’t seen this in any Anime before, but doesn’t it seem like it would fit perfectly? It is a home entertainment device concept from Toshiba to allow 360 degree view within a dome shaped helmet. I wonder what kind of a neck ache you would get after watching one episode of Lost.

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Gundam Nintendo DS

A brand impression of Gundam makes this Nintendo DS a gadget for Anime fans. It doesn’t transform into the huge Robot or make any extraordinary sound effects but is worthy the mention.

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Evangelion Headphones

These limited edition headphones branded with Evangelion are great for the Anime fans who follow the series, but are not cheap…$207. They could both provide a collectible item and let you watch the movies with your own personal sound.

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Evangelion Figures

No Anime collection would be complete without at least a few figures of Anime girls as eye candy. These two from Evangelion show Rei and Asuka in a 8.75 inches tall figure that come with additional replacement hands. They could make a perfect display in your geeky room.

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How To Make a Manga Face or Avatar


If you are a big fan of the Manga comics. then you can make a Manga Face and Avatar for men or women. It is easy to use, fun to create different faces and makes you look badass as a Manga character.

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