Hardcover Book Clock Design


We have come across a number of weird and funny clock designs. One of them is the uber-cool Hardcover Book Clock, which is a collection of 3 faux books which double up as a single clock. It has a ‘nine’ and a ‘three’ printed on its hard bound backside and people would never know if it’s a clock or a set of books unless they really begin to pay attention to it.

You could convince your drunken friends what an intellectual you are as you read such thick and heavy books. You could also amuse yourself by placing this clock between other books you may have to create a unique and funny time telling experience. The clock requires just 1 AA battery which needs to be bought separately. I like this clock especially because it is rich black color and is so simple to look at; Minimalism is something that has always appealed to me.

The Book Clock costs $27.99 for either the Black version or the colorful books version, and in my opinion, that is a steal for such a chic clock. If you are really into books and dig words in a crazy way, you could try the Roleplay Ideas Book. I suggest this because you would be inspired to do something different than just reading a book, though you would be doing pretty much the same thing. Or else, you could try the Word Clock, which is one of the other stranger clock designs we have featured.