PS3 2.70 Firmware Update Download Ready


The new PS3 2.70 Firmware Update is right upon us and will include cool new features, which are certain to make many happy. [The Download link for the firmware can be found below]

The following are the main features of the PS3 v2.70 firmware update:

Text Chat will be enabled, which allows you to chat with up to 15 players at a time using the different PS3 keyboard accessories, controllers or even the Online keyboard available with the Playstation Network. Moreover, chatting will also be enabled for up to 3 chat rooms at a time, which also adds on to the growing community features of PSN.

There is a new Friends XMB (XrossMediaBar), which makes it easy to sort your different friends and see who is Online at the time. Furthermore, larger file sharing of up to 3MB is included.

For those who have purchased Playstation videos from their respective store, you can now back it up to an external hard drive; thus clearing up room from your PS3 and still making sure important videos are stored away. This same feature also allows for PSP purchased videos to be played on the holy Playstation 3 console.

Additional info and details can be found on the video right below, or you can go straight to the official site for the firmware update Download of the the new PS3 Version 2.70.

Note: it is supposed to be on real soon, so don’t lose hope.