Braille Language Label Maker


The conventional label makers were really fun to work with, but with the advent of superior printing technology, there absence was not long felt. It is amazing to see in today’s scenario that innovation to find shelter in things of the past; the Braille Language Label maker is exactly what I am talking about.



Since a dedicated assistant is all what shopping venues can provide, this label maker could change the way visually impaired people shop. The pictures here are candid enough to tell you that a bulged bar lets you select alphabets or their braille representation to get the required word on the label.  The selection of the alphabet is followed by pressing a button on the top to have it on the label.



The overall contour looks appealing and might just usher a change, not a significant one though, in segment of customer experiences. The three musketeers behind this concept are Soonkyu Jang, Jieun Seo & Seung-un Kim.



Check out the Braille Images and iPhone Silicon Case for the blind we brought to you earlier which are just as practical as this Label Maker.

Via YankoDesign