Leonardo Da Vinci Drawing of Super Mario


The Views of a Fetus in the Womb was a famous drawing of painter Leonardo Da Vinci. The drawing sought to project the image of a curled up fetus in its mother’s belly. What is common between that famous drawing and our beloved Super Mario? Well the answer to the question comes in the form of Artist Kevin Tong’s design for t-shirts.

He carefully has combined the fetus’ drawing with Super Mario character in order to bring about a certain sense of being stuck in a particular moment, between middle age and modern era. While the fetus and its position was of particular significance to those in Da Vinci’s time, today it’s the position of Super Mario on the display and the way you handle your controller that is of greater importance. These two important things have been meticulously brought on the t-shirt canvas by Kevin Tong.

The t shirt, which comes in three colors, costs $20. I would say, this is one of the cooler t-shirts I have seen lately and I would definitely buy this. If you are a great fan of Leonardo, you must try the Leonardo Da Vinci iPhone and also the Da Vinci Mirror Writings Wristwatch. It is strange that a painter from pre-modern age still has such an influence over us all!

Via: GearFuse